Recently DuttsonRocks interviewed the beautiful Charlotte de Carle - DJ, Model, Blogger and Radio Host, discussing fashion tips, passions and favourite destinations...


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

Me? Well I like to call myself a slasher. That sounds kind of dodgy but, anyway, I'm a model slash presenter slash DJ slash Radio Host, slash Blogger slash everything else. I guess I get bored very easily and am running out of things to watch on Netflix. 


How were you first introduced into modelling?

Well this is an uncomfortable one. I have two beautiful sisters who both tried to get into it. One sent off pictures to London agencies and I was in one of the pictures. They asked to see me but not my sister. Surprisingly she was very supportive but it took some effort getting me out of my Leicester City football kit to the busy streets of London. As you can gather I wasn't exactly the most feminine of girl. Which now I find quite ironic considering that the majority of what I shoot is sophisticated... It took some work!


Have you always had a passion for jewellery?

I absolutely love jewellery. I love any form of expression and individualism. It can completely change your look and also make you feel more confident and beautiful. A sparkle goes a long way... 


What's your favourite piece at DuttsonRocks?

I'd love to pick one thing but we both know I'm not going to do that as I own quite a few Duttson pieces. The one thing that I do love about DuttsonRocks, is the stunning diamond, high-end pieces, but unlike most luxury brands they also have more ready to wear fashion pieces. For example the coloured rings and bangles, so they really do cater for all. Although I wouldn't mind a few more diamonds, but then again - who wouldn't!


How would you style up your favourite piece?

I love to wear black with them as it really makes the pieces the focal point. Especially small chained necklaces with a collared shirt. To be honest I could wear them naked and still love them. They look great with anything!


You seem to have a very hectic lifestyle - from the studios to the red carpet; where is your favourite place to relax?

You know what, I'd say my favourite place to relax would be my local with my friends. I love english culture, a good pint of cider and conversations. If there is darts that's even better. I'm quite a laid back person and don't believe in ryders. Celebrity is a mind set, we are all equal, well unless you're a tax man, then I have no respect!



Get your rocks on!

Neil x

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