Damp, dark dreary mornings make me lust after cloudless blue skys and golden rays!  Sitting at my desk flicking through photos for inspiration for our next collection, I stumble upon my last expedition alone before my little boy was born.  A time of carefree wandering and exploration; a distant memory now my days are filled with the trials and tribulations of toddlerdom.


I had wanted to find where the Desert meets the Sea for many many years: Namibia had been somewhere which had fascinated me due to its barren lunar landscapes, desert shipwrecks, and of course, my passion and love for diamonds!  With a little one on the way, I took the opportunity to head out to Africa and make a dream come true.

After a long flight and connections I arrived at my first lodge; settled  in and made a plan for the rest of my trip. I spent 11 days travelling overland throughout the country staying in various lodges in the desert, on the coast & in the bush. Whilst on the coast, I took a flight in a 6 seater plane to really get an insight into how stunning this large and sparsely populated country on Africa's south-west coast really is & see the Skeleton coast from above.  I fell in love with its ever changing landscape; mixing its deep red colours with blushing oranges & yellows. 

Evenings were spent by various waterholes watching silently as the graceful animals of the bush came and went. This time allowed me to reflect on the beauty, tranquility and remarkable colours of such a place.  Collecting notes and photographs gave me the basis for our equinox collection; the deep burnt orange the first colour we commissioned.

Take me back! But for now I'm feeling re-energised and ready to work.

Get your rocks on!

Neil x

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