Steph from DuttsonRocks interviews the lovely Crystal Lily, who is the face behind the up-and-coming fashion and lifestyle blog, FiveFootFour


Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a student at Falmouth University in my final year of study. With a strong love for fashion and photography I started a blog about my fashion styling and lifestyle. As I am a freelance model as well I also I write up about shoots and give behind the scenes peaks into what I do. 


How were you first introduced into blogging?

I followed blogs for a few years and in my first year at Falmouth University I started up a self help and motivational blog which people would write to me with problems and I would answer as if it were me overcoming the problem. I love helping people and whilst writing for others it helped me see the world differently and become more confident. From this once I started modelling just over a year ago I was gaining a lot of images with no where to share them, which is when I started FiveFootFour.


Have you always had a passion for jewellery?

Since I was 17 I worked for a family jewellers which I loved as I was always learning about jewellery and stones, what girl doesn't like to be surround by diamonds? This gave me knowledge I have to today and my passion for all things sparkly. My mother is also a big jewellery fan so ever since I was little she would give me pieces which inspired me to have my own collections of different stones. Rings are definitely my weak spot though, I love them and if I could wear them all at once I would, definitely my favourite type of jewellery. 


What's your favourite piece at DuttsonRocks?

It is so hard to pick one piece from DuttsonRocks that I love because the bespoke pieces are so beautiful and flawless but the ready to wear collection is so chic and individual it all stands out to me for all the right reasons. So picking one is way too hard so my favourite piece from the Bespoke would be the yellow diamond halo ring, as I tried it on the other week and it was just incredible. And my favourite piece from the ready to wear collection would have to be the black diamond infinity ring, it's so unusual but so delicate at the same time. 


How would you style up your favourite piece?

The yellow diamond halo would be perfect to style in classic outfits as perfect with the famous little black dress. You wouldn't want to distract from the gorgeous detail. However this would look amazing with spring colours, whites and baby blues to bring out the colour of the diamonds. The black infinity ring I would pair with back ripped jeans, a white turtle neck cropped jumper and some sandal heels, chic but edgy for an everyday look. 


What is your favourite gem stone, and why?

Instead of obsessing over diamonds and for a bit of colour I would say aquamarine or tanzanite as they remind me of the sea, they're fresh and summery, my favourite time of year. 


What can we expect from your blog, FiveFootFour in the near future?

As I finish university in May this year I will have more time to push my limits with the blog, branch out into more detailed features and collaborations and have more time to focus on my vlogs. I have only done a few but I throughly enjoy it as it has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I hope to do a lot more travelling with FiveFootFour too to bring posts that not everyone would see otherwise. I want to inspire people to push themselves out of their comfort zones and create new  platforms for personal style. 


Get your rocks on!

Neil x

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