Steph from DuttsonRocks recently interviewed one half of the internationally renowned company that specialises in sunglasses, Hugo Taylor from Taylor Morris Eyewear.



Can you tell us a little more about Taylor Morris Eyewear? 

Charlie Morris and I since we first met had always wanted to do this. We both share a huge passion for what we do and its such a pleasure that people love the brand. We are immensely proud to be representing for Britain on an international stage!


How did you first become involved with this particular industry, with
In all fairness we had spoken about starting Taylor Morris for so long, but
it was our Managing Director, Nicholas, who really pushed the project
forward allowing Charlie and I to focus on design and building the brand
awareness. We did a lot of home work and research before we started.

Have you always been interested in accessories and fashion?
Yes from a young age I had a real love for sunglasses and accessories. I
spent a lot of time in Italy growing up and really appreciated from a young
age what quality is as you really do see their passion for craftsmanship.
Charlie and I have a very specific eye for detail and we harness this in all of our collections.

What inspires you for your designs?
Anything really from the colours in nature to architecture and also people.
We try to give our frames a character and often we base these around our
dear friends.


What's your favourite gem stone?
Black sapphire. Should anyone wish to send me some I will happily accept.

We've noticed you're a fan of the Shades of Summer range - what is your
favourite piece, and why?
I have 4 different favourite ones. I actually had another 3 stolen off my finger from
me by girls over the summer. Sometimes you just gotta have it!

You must do a lot of travelling with your work, where is your favourite
destination to escape to?
We recently just got back from shooting our campaign in Namibia: it was mind

And finally, what can we expect from Taylor Morris in the future?
World domination! Ha Ha Ha Ha!


Get your rocks on!

Steph x


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